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Understanding Blockchain from a mom expert

Name: Jaci Marie

Country of birth: USA

Date of birth: 29 May

Current Location: Los Angeles

Career Space: Blockchain Enthusiast & Educator

Digital Presence: Website

Main question I get asked is “you went to school to become a registered nurse, what led you to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology”?

Curiosity and my son.

I continued to hear about this emerging new technology and I was intrigued. I heard about bitcoin back in 2009-10 and didn’t think anything about it. Fast forward 10 years and it came into my radar again and this time I was paying attention.

I invested in bitcoin and became low key obsessed about the possibilities and future potential of what the blockchain technology offered.

Mainly for my son. As I remembered my parents when the internet emerged and how dazed and confused they were, I knew that was not going to be me with my son. So I read, researched, and learned and continue to do so as this technology is fast moving.

My son is 7 years old and now has a basic understanding of this technology.

Inspired by the incredible future potential has led myself and my business partner Najah Roberts owning and operating a brick & mortar cryptocurrency exchange and lounge in Inglewood, CA.

Our goal is MASS ADOPTION and education.

We aim to bring crypto out from behind a computer screen and give crypto adoption a couple of friendly faces to interact with.

We want to encourage mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in anyway that we can, therefore we’ve created a variety of resources from meetups, free trainings, newsletters, crypto buying services, and events.

We consider it our privilege to make crypto and blockchain technology socially acceptable and easy to understand. Lets get to grips with it because the opportunity is NEVER going away and generational wealth will be made.

Cryptocurrency is not as daunting as what it is made out to be.

Try it.


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